Monday, May 27, 2013

South Surrey Alert

After finding and returning some bank cards and other personal id in a walkway to a park, we talked with the RCMP Officer who came at the bequest of the owner to pick them up. The wallet had been stolen out of a parked car not too far away.

He reported that car break ins are a big problem in South Surrey White Rock area. It is not such an issue in other areas but South Surrey residents are just too trusting.

Thieves will move quickly through a neighborhood looking into cars to see what has been left inside.
We've been told by others that they have seen this happening in broad daylight not just at nighttime. Pretty brazen actually!

The Officer also said that what they are really looking for is garage door openers so that they can break into homes.

So lock those cars and take your garage door remote inside with you, otherwise you could be leaving your home and family very vulnerable.

1 comment:

  1. My car has been opened and robbed from twice this year. My GPS was stolen last year, and just last night, my much loved camera was stolen.
    We have thieves going through the neighborhood regularly here, in the Peach Arch Hospital area.
    So maddening...