Thursday, April 19, 2012

John's Uncle, Kenny Gammie, used to be a beat cop on the Downtown East Side back when it was a very different place then it is today. He was a giant of a man, tough but caring, if he said move it, believe me very few would refuse. He made a positive impact down there in his day. He retired from the force in the early eighties, before this tough area of the city  morphed into the pit it has become. I wonder what he would think about the DTES now.

We came across this blog and we at RobberStoppers urge everyone to read these powerful and moving stories...

Eastside Stories - Diary of a Vancouver Beat Cop

Steve writes honestly and movingly about life on the downtown east side.

Big Uncle Ken would be shocked at the changes but we know he would be proud of the job these guys do in such a difficult enviroment.

Thank you Steve, a most excellent blog!!

South Vancouver Break ins, VPD Alert

The Vancouver Police Department has noticed an unusual increase in Residential Garage Break-and-Enters in your area.

The Hot Spot Area is within the boundary of:

E 48th Ave- north, Chester St- east, E 54th Ave- south, and Ontario St- west

The break-ins are occurring overnight to garages.
Entry is being gained through unlocked or insecure man-doors.
Items being stolen include groceries, lawn mowers, and tools.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Remembering the Riots

Last week we noticed an increase in calls from concerned business owners in the downtown area. Now that the Playoffs are looming, many businesses and stores are worried about a repeat of the damage caused by last years riot.

RobberStoppers can re-inforce any business'es security with Lexan glass shields, retractable gates, and window bars of course.

We are currently manufacturing and installing removeable mesh shields (for game nights) in two locations in Vancouver. We are calling them Riot Guards and pictures will be forthcoming this week. We are very excited about this new product and feel they are an excellent solution to stop entry by rioters.

Please call 604 501-1288 for more info