Thursday, March 8, 2012

Retractable Gates Provide Safe Storage Solution

We were recently approached to provide a safe storage solution for containers of chemicals.

Workers needed continual daytime access to the vats but they needed to be able to lock them away safely at night.

So we manufactured overheight retractable gates that fold away on either side of the storage shelves.

RobberStoppers gates open

Gates closed

This photo shows the chemicals locked away at night. The manufacturing company were happy with the results.


  1. Retractable gates provide access and storage safety of toxic products like chemicals. These gates not only provide convince of usage for the workers who use them in regular interval but also provide an precautionary action for industries to safeguard itself from hazardous situation.

  2. Chemical storage of the industries requires safe and easy access format which might keep things in reach but safely. This can be achieved through installation of safety gates.

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