Thursday, April 19, 2012

John's Uncle, Kenny Gammie, used to be a beat cop on the Downtown East Side back when it was a very different place then it is today. He was a giant of a man, tough but caring, if he said move it, believe me very few would refuse. He made a positive impact down there in his day. He retired from the force in the early eighties, before this tough area of the city  morphed into the pit it has become. I wonder what he would think about the DTES now.

We came across this blog and we at RobberStoppers urge everyone to read these powerful and moving stories...

Eastside Stories - Diary of a Vancouver Beat Cop

Steve writes honestly and movingly about life on the downtown east side.

Big Uncle Ken would be shocked at the changes but we know he would be proud of the job these guys do in such a difficult enviroment.

Thank you Steve, a most excellent blog!!

South Vancouver Break ins, VPD Alert

The Vancouver Police Department has noticed an unusual increase in Residential Garage Break-and-Enters in your area.

The Hot Spot Area is within the boundary of:

E 48th Ave- north, Chester St- east, E 54th Ave- south, and Ontario St- west

The break-ins are occurring overnight to garages.
Entry is being gained through unlocked or insecure man-doors.
Items being stolen include groceries, lawn mowers, and tools.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Remembering the Riots

Last week we noticed an increase in calls from concerned business owners in the downtown area. Now that the Playoffs are looming, many businesses and stores are worried about a repeat of the damage caused by last years riot.

RobberStoppers can re-inforce any business'es security with Lexan glass shields, retractable gates, and window bars of course.

We are currently manufacturing and installing removeable mesh shields (for game nights) in two locations in Vancouver. We are calling them Riot Guards and pictures will be forthcoming this week. We are very excited about this new product and feel they are an excellent solution to stop entry by rioters.

Please call 604 501-1288 for more info

Saturday, March 10, 2012

RobberStoppers supports Langley High Schools Special Ed class....

We had heard through the news that, Langley Senior Secondary High School's, Special Education class had had not one but two break ins, the students were very upset, some devastated and couldn't understand why someone would steal their computers.
The computers "Macs" were paid for by the students fund raising activities and they certainly showed pride in their achievements, but after the second theft with no money in the school's budget to replace them, the community stepped up...... RobberStoppers secured the room so that it couldn't happen again, Canadian Direct Insurance donated the replacement computers and a group from the Geek Squad came in and set them up.
The next week the students put on a very big thank you party for everyone, which was greatly attended, even the Vancouver Whitecaps FC's Carl Valentine and  Dan Lenarduzzi came bearing gifts of tickets to a Vancouver Whitecaps game for the entire class.
It is always great to see the support of a community in times of need, we have seen this over and over and have made an effort to be there ourselves over the years when we are needed.
RobberStoppers supports many community groups and charities and has supplied and installed our products for the SPCA, the Surrey Food Bank, Union Gospel Mission, many Churches, Schools, the Salvation Army, Respite care homes and many individuals and families that just could not afford the peace of mind and security that our products provide.

The BCIT magazine came out and did an interview at our shop, below is a link to the interview:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Retractable Gates Provide Safe Storage Solution

We were recently approached to provide a safe storage solution for containers of chemicals.

Workers needed continual daytime access to the vats but they needed to be able to lock them away safely at night.

So we manufactured overheight retractable gates that fold away on either side of the storage shelves.

RobberStoppers gates open

Gates closed

This photo shows the chemicals locked away at night. The manufacturing company were happy with the results.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Strange Criminals

A Surrey man is accused of having pulled off a strange robbery in North Vancouver on Friday.

Police say Cory Henderson, 21, walked away without paying his $38 bill after dining at the "Brown's Social House" on Lonsdale Friday night. When staff at the restaurant confronted him about it, he allegedly replied by telling them to call police and tell them he'd be at the Esso Gas Station next door.

Moments later, the North Vancouver RCMP received a hold-up alarm from the gas station.

"The same male allegedly held a screwdriver to the employee's neck and robbed the gas station of an undisclosed amount of money," Cpl. Richard de Jong said. "The suspect reportedly then returned to 'Browns' restaurant and paid the unpaid bill with the just-stolen money."


Read more:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Home Invasion Warning

A 72-year-old man was assaulted and robbed during a home invasion Wednesday in the 400-block of Raindance Crescent, West Vancouver.

The assailant allegedly forced his way into the home at approximately four a.m. when the man and the 70-year-old female homeowner were sleeping.

The suspect is accused of stealing a wooden box filled with jewelry and a wallet filled with cash and credit cards.

The male resident suffered facial injuries. The female resident was not assaulted.

The suspect is described as a male, five feet 10 inches tall, weighing approximately 200 pounds. He wore dark clothing, a baseball cap and a bandana on his face, according to police. He spoke English and had a deep voice.

Police are asking anyone with information to call the West Vancouver Police Department and refer to WVPD file # 12-603 or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Courtesy North Shore News

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Surrey Break Ins Alert

Since New Years we have seen a substantial increase in B&E's along the Fraser Hwy Corridor. The area between 160th and 184th has been hard hit and we have responded to and secured a number of businesses including a dental office, software co, insurance agency, financing co, and a food market.

Please pass this message on to Surrey businesses in this area as they are definitely being targeted.