Monday, December 5, 2011

End of the Year

Well it is the last month of the year and Christmas is upon us.  Security is of major concern to retailers at this time of year who are well stocked on merchandise. Other types of businesses worry about closing for the holidays and being broken into,  and others like this season for grand openings of new locations.

We are currently very busy, working on a large rental company's new location, a major home/sporting goods/auto centers new location, gold/jewellry shops, a home where the occupant has been threatened, an engine manufacturing company, bollards to be placed in front of storefronts and parking spaces, a neighborhood corner store, property management contracts, and patio gates and window bars for several customers who will install themselves.

With all the banging and drilling it is noisier than Santa's workshop in our warehouse. We are hoping to close for a few days after Christmas but that depends on how many B&E's occurred over the holidays, and while any are too many at this special time of year, we will be there for those who need us.

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