Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Theft by Remote Control VPD ALERT

VPD Crime Alert
You have received a Crime Alert that relates to your neighbourhood.

The Vancouver Police Department has noticed an unusual crime pattern involving remote garage door openers, relating to Residential Break-and-Enters in your area.

The Hot Spot Area is within the boundary of:
City of Vancouver, Southwest Sector - west of Main Street

Vancouver Police have identified a trend in auto break-ins involving the theft of garage door openers. Thieves are breaking into vehicles parked on the street, stealing the remote garage door openers and then using them to commit break and enters to garages, amounting to even greater property losses.

Residents parking their vehicles on the street are encouraged to keep their remote garage door openers with them when they leave their vehicles unattended, or, program the in-car remote garage door buttons.

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