Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thank goodness for Kienan's safe return...

Just wanted to say what a heartfelt relief it was to hear of little Kienan's safe return to his Sparwood family. It was so hard to imagine what they were going through, such a gracious family. A really amazing end to this story, unbelievable really!

Nobody likes to think about what could have happened.

Nobody likes to think about their child being taken in the middle of the night from their own house.
But that is what we all should be doing right now. Using the blessing of Kienan's return to examine our homes and determine how safe it is for our children and family. We need to ask - could someone get in even through a locked door, or a window left open?

My daughter is safe in our house. We have a Steel Security door on our front door, we have a retractable scissor gate on our glass patio door, and removeable window bars on all accessible windows. And I sleep really good at night because of it. And our home does not look like a fortress but it does feel like one. One that protects us.

Our homes are our sanctuary and should be a place of safety for our family. I urge all parents to look around their homes and do the things necessary to keep your little treasures safe.