Thursday, June 16, 2011

Heart Broken

Heart Broken.


Not cracked, not wounded. Definitely not just wounded. Not lacerated. But gushing, bleeding, hemorraghing pain oh yes.  On so many levels.

Hard to believe a normal productive member of society can be so undone by A GAME.


But its not a just a game, it was a season, a season where all aspects of the game were won. From goal scoring, to power play, to defence, goals saving, where injuries and answering depth and heart and winning were triumphant.

And then the playoffs. A series, and a series and a series and a series. Convincing wins!  Belief! The waiting!

The better team of this series won tonight!  Boston Bruins Congratulations!

But so proud of you Canucks, your team has given so much entertainment and pleasure and heart stopping moments. So many times you have dug deep and come out with the cherished win. Teamwork, hardwork, levelheadedness, passion and drive. Wow! A Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

Heart broken for me.

Heart broken for you the team, the loss and sacrifice of players and family, the unfairness, thats all I will say, the harshness of the naysayers, the challenge of doing it all over again, intact.  And you will.

And tonight for the pain and embarrassment of a province and a city, this most beautiful city, disgraced by violence, has shown the world it's ugly underbelly. Lots of ugly postings out there, saying we are smug and deserve what we have gotten. But smugness and entitlement has never been what we are about.

Try independence, uniqueness, and guts!  Living on the edge of the ocean with mountain ranges separating us from the rest and at the last stop on the railway line, independence has been our way of life, we rely upon ourselves. Maybe we have become too insular. Are we too separate?

I remember our earlier Olympic joy and laughter and pride, only too willing to share it with the world.

The people responsible for this violence should have to pay.

If not, it truly is a heart broken loss.

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