Friday, May 27, 2011

Only Too Happy To Help

Yesterday we were treated to a wonderful thank you lunch at Langley Secondary School by students and teachers of the special education class whose computers had been stolen yet again.

This story really touched our hearts. This bunch of charming kids really did not need this to happen to them again.

For those who don't know the story, these students fundraised and worked extremely hard to buy 4 computers for their own special needs class. In December 2010, thieves broke in and stole them. London Drugs and Homelife were kind enough to donate replacements. But in April of this year it happened again. When we heard about this story for the first time on CBC we, like many, were absolutely appalled.

John and I discussed it and decided to phone the Principal to offer our security products and installation services to stop this from happening again. Afterall it would be difficult to ask anyone else to donate if there could be no assurance that the computers would remain in the class. Principal accepted our offer, she said with relief, as there was no money in the budget for security.

So we went to work, installed window grids and steel scissor gates at all vulnerable access points so that the disgusting guys who did this can't come back again.

But back to our lunch. We had a lovely buffet of food, fruit punch, coffee, and a beautiful big thank you cake. We received a framed and signed photo of these great kids and got to watch their faces light up when their 4 new IMac computers and TV were brought in, generously donated by CDI and Telus and Best Buy, whose representatives were there as well.

The photo will cheer me whenever I enter our new office.

We hope we have contributed peace of mind and a feeling of safety to their wonderful teacher Gurpeet Mahil and to the special ed students of Langley Secondary.

Thanks guys for letting us be a part of this great ending to a very bad situation.

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