Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is Security Going To The Dogs?

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Unfortunately not, but some of our clients wished it had. Man's best friend can be a victim of a B&E too.
Over the years we've heard some sad stories about people's pets. One client who had his door kicked in, came home to find his dog savagely kicked and beaten, he was far more upset about that then having his tv stolen.  The dog was badly injured but did survive, thankfully!

On three other occasions, people came home to an entered home but to no dogs. Two felt their pets had been forcibly turned out by the robbers and another thought their pet had escaped through the door that was left open.
Only two of those families got their dogs back.

Another lady thought her dog had been stolen but it turns out that it was badly frightened and had been hiding under a bed during the break in.

We have made special gates for dogs, we have made various types of mesh screens to fit over or inside  windows to keep dogs in or to protect them being stolen or attacked by raccoons. We have had people tell us that they purchased security from us not so much for themselves as for the sake of their pet.

We understand... our Daisy and LouLou are a part of our family and come with us to the office most days.

Dogs are too easy to victimize! In light of the tragic and disgraceful dog killings in Whistler and the public outcry against it, it is nice to know that many people do treasure their dogs and are willing to do what's necessary to protect them.

The SPCA deserves government funding. Lets hold our politicians accountable!

Karen and John