Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Private Security Guards

Jaded, as we should be given the number of B&E's we've attended over the years, we're still not! And this story bothered us alot.

While watching the news this weekend, it was very dismaying to learn about the tenants who were victims of an apartment fire be victimized again by some very low life thieves. Five apartments were entered by thieves who took a number of personal items left behind when the tenants were forced to evacuate.

One wonders who would be low enough to take, to steal from people undergoing such an adversity. But the unfortunate thing is that there always is someone out there who will. I really hope they catch whoever did this, I would love to see their faces... are they as ugly on the outside as they surely must be on the inside. Are they truly desperate themselves and if so when should that stop mattering to society. Now! It should stop mattering now. You don't steal from other people, no matter what, and especially those who have undergone such a tragic loss and who have to start over and rebuild their lives.

And there is no word yet on how the thieves were able to get past the three guards from Canuck Security who were onsite at the time.

We wished we could have been called in for a consult by On Side Restoration whom we have worked with before. Re-inforcing the security of these people's homes should have been a consideration and for every situation like this to come in the future it must be treated as a priority.

We started to talk about private security guards and their effectiveness. After a little online research I came across this very well written and researched article by Andrew Findlay in January 08 for BC Business. It raises a number of interesting points about the private security industry. I hope you will take the time to read it.


And more on this topic later...

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