Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cold Weather Auto Thieves...

The following is from the RCMP Port Kells Business Link....

Watch Out For Cold Weather Auto Thieves

With cold weather now upon us, Surrey RCMP are again advising the public to remain diligent when it comes to protecting themselves against auto theft.

Every winter, the Surrey RCMP see a sharp increase in the number of 'vehicle theft with keys' reports when cold temperatures hit and people begin to leave their vehicles warming up unattended. Statistics show that the number of cars stolen with keys left in the ignition can sometimes increase by 150% during the winter months.

"This is a trend we see every winter", says Cpl. Mike Spencer, Surrey Auto Crime Team.

"Certain car theives will actually target those who warm up their car and leave it unattended", says Cpl. Spencer.

Don't be fooled by this crime of opportunity . If you choose to leave your vehicle running and unattended you may be a victim.

Surrey RCMP
Media Relations.

And another important thing to consider - 

When the thief is driving away with your car, chances are they now have the keys to your house and business as well since the majority of people keep all their keys on one keychain. So be prepared to call a locksmith right away to have all your locks changed!  Expensive and inconvenient to say the least.


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