Thursday, November 18, 2010

Surrey Activity

Break and enters in Surrey seem to be targeting cigarettes. Several stores selling cigarettes have been hit, with one where thieves gained entry by the roof.

Vehicle theft in Port Kells is very high recently with over 40 occurences last month.

Port Kells is also reporting a high incidence of postal theft. One business reports losing $30,000. Thieves steal cheques and re-do the amount and name of recipient. This is a big problem everywhere, our own postal box has been broken into and vandalized numerous times. We are now able to have our mail hand delivered and were for a number of months collecting mail for our whole complex. Our mailboxes are mounted to a wall outside our building and we were unable to obtain permission to build a cage around it. We have built enclosures for mail kiosks for different complexes as well as gating off access to mail rooms. Now Canada Post will supply their own lock and keys which is fine with us and is a great step in the right direction over years past.

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