Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Point of Sale Terminals

This is an email we sent to the Province Newspaper concerning a story about thefts of Point of Sale Terminals...

From: RobberStoppers []

Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 6:08 PM

To: Baziuk, Laura (The Province)

Subject: Point of sale terminal theft


Thanks for an interesting article on POS terminal thefts, one that we are pleased to see being addressed in this issue of The Province.
This is a problem that is only going to get worse unless Restaurants and Retailers take more responsibility for safeguarding their customer's credit and financial information.

Within the last year, our company RobberStoppers, was contacted by a well known Pizza Chain about a number of thefts concerning their POS terminals from various locations around the lower mainland. We, at RobberStoppers, were unaware of these kinds of thefts and surprised at how common it was becoming.
We had never heard about it on the news at all.

So we designed and manufactured an attractive,super strong steel case/cage that accommodated and locked in their terminals which was then anchored to the counter. The pricing was quite reasonable at $229.00 plus $50.00 for installation but only a few of these individually owned restaurants purchased them from us. We are pleased to report  that there was no other theft or security problems ever reported by these restaurants once their POS terminal were secured by our cages.

I followed up with others in this same pizza chain and also sent information to other restaurants and pubs, who use a POS terminal, about the benefits of locking down their POS terminals with this steel cage but got almost no response.

To say that I was surprised at this would be an understatement. This seems like such a minimal and inexpensive step to take to protect valued client information that not doing so borders on irresponsibility.
 A CBC March 12 2010 article about the same subject in Abbotsford generated a huge and angry response from readers, many reporting that if their identity was stolen they would sue the retailer/restaurant.

And as for the owners at Taps Restaurant, they need to realize that locking the terminal in a room is hardly going to prevent another theft. The thieves know they have replaced the stolen terminal and will jimmy their way thru a locked door to get the replacement as easily as a knife through butter.

They, like every other restaurant and pub will have to beef up their security and lock down their terminals, wipe and delete all customer info from the terminals every night.

 Maybe then we can all feel safe about protecting our credit and identity information when we go out for dinner. Or maybe we should just pay with cash!

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