Monday, October 25, 2010

Before Signing a Lease...

   When signing a lease on a new property, storefront, or warehouse space don't get caught short like our poor client did this week. Our client had just recently negotiated a lease on a secondary location in New Westminster and called us in again to provide the security products he needs to be able to stay open.

   John arrived to determine what was needed, but the owner/landlord was completely resistant to his new tenant's concerns about theft.  "No bars or gates on my building" was his decree. John and client tried reasoning with the landlord, telling him about the number of Break-ins and attempts at the other location before security measures were taken, but the landlord would not bend.

   Our client is beside himself, knowing he is unable to take the necessary steps most businesses need to take to prevent rampant theft. He stated he would not have taken this lease space had he known the landlord would  be so unreasonable about this issue. We wish him the best of luck and will try to negotiate the installation of Lexan on his windows and door with the landlord.

The motto of this story...  Make sure the landlord will allow you to install any necessary security products like gates or bars or bollards etc before you sign a lease and better yet - get it in writing!

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