Sunday, September 5, 2010

Safety for Children in the Home

RobberStoppers has recently received requests for safety screens for windows on the second story or higher that would stop small children and toddlers falling out.

It was a request that we were more than happy to supply a solution to. We custom made the screens with round hole perforated metal for airflow, hinged on one side, powdercoated, with lock and keys for fire escape. Easy to install and attractive, and most importantly it will keep the children safe and give their parents peace of mind.

It made me wonder how many children are victims of this needless tragedy.

After John visited one high rise tower in Surrey near the skytrain station, he was shocked to see bottom opening windows at floor level that opened 11 inches outwards to the sky. Any small child or pet in the condo would be at huge risk for falling. This is unacceptable. How the builder and city planners could miss such an obvious design flaw and let this type of window be installed in a highrise tower raises grave concerns.

Sometimes in our business, security means not only keeping the bad guys out, but keeping the little ones safely in.

Karen & John

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