Friday, March 5, 2010

Seniors Targeted

RobberStoppers has noticed a higher incidence of Seniors calling and reporting break & enters lately. We've secured three senior's residences in the last week, two houses and a mobile home. For two of our clients, the incident happened when they were sleeping at night. This was very frightening for them and we sincerely hope they can sleep better at night now they have protection.

BCTV Newshour was also reporting incidences of seniors being targeted, especially at night.

Our older folks hold a soft spot in our hearts and nothing makes us madder than when they are victimized, it is just so cowardly. We offer discount pricing to our senior customers, we encourage a relative or friend to be present at a security assessment to ensure they get another opinion and never feel pressured.

 Some recommendations for Senior Citizens :

Keep your phone handy and in the same room with you

Keep in touch with your neighbours and look out for each other

Phone a friend or relative everyday for a chat and and to let someone know you are OK

Keep lots of lights on in the house in the evening, and do use timers in rooms that are not used often, it's good to let others think there is lots of activity in your home

Keep all doors locked at all times, doublecheck your doors and windows at dinnertime, and don't let anyone you don't know into your house ever.  Remember that, sadly, times have changed.

         (A neighbour of our  parent's, a 75 year old man, opened his door to three young guys asking to use his phone, telling him they didn't have a cellphone. He closed the door quickly  and was thankfully not assaulted. . He was extremely lucky and promised us he would not open the door to strangers again. It is highly unlikely that three young men would not have a cellphone between them ).

A Security Door on your front door keeps a barrier between you and a stranger if you have to answer.

Try and vary your routine a little, don't always leave for shopping at the same time each day, just in case someone is watching.

Never hesitate to phone 911 if you feel uneasy about a situation.

 To everyone else - please be a good neighbour to the elderly on your street or building - keep a caring eye out for them.

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