Monday, January 18, 2010

Global BCTV News/ More stupid criminals

Many times our customers are able to catch their robberies on video and sometimes we are lucky and they pass them along to us.

We had one given to us last week by a client who is opening a small beauty salon and clothing store in Whalley and quite frankly it was too good, we just had to pass it along for others to appreciate.

So we phoned Global BCTV News and asked them if they were interested in it possibly even for Squire's Satelite Debris. But they decided to do a news feature and so John as well as our unfortunate client Janice were interviewed by Reporter John Daly who put together a news feature which airs tonight.

Here they are again for your viewing enjoyment...

I guess teamwork just wasn't in their vocabulary...

This fellow ended up in the hospital with broken legs we've been told, but police haven't been able to convict him of anything   (yet - we hope)  (he told police he was just walking by).


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