Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Lights...

         We have heard of two break and enters where thieves entered the upstairs of homes by way of a ladder. The homeowners were using the ladders to put up Christmas lights and unfortunately forgot to lock them away or put them in the garage. One of the victims, poor fellow, thinks he even left the ladder leaning against the side of the house.

So just a reminder for this busy season, do chain up your ladders to something secure or better yet put them away where grateful thieves cannot use them against you.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lock up your goats...

Lock up your goats everyone...

Someone is stealing goats in Chilliwack. Seven pregnant goats were stolen from a property last week. They have since been recovered in Langley. Apparently thieves really will steal anything!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Surrey Activity

Break and enters in Surrey seem to be targeting cigarettes. Several stores selling cigarettes have been hit, with one where thieves gained entry by the roof.

Vehicle theft in Port Kells is very high recently with over 40 occurences last month.

Port Kells is also reporting a high incidence of postal theft. One business reports losing $30,000. Thieves steal cheques and re-do the amount and name of recipient. This is a big problem everywhere, our own postal box has been broken into and vandalized numerous times. We are now able to have our mail hand delivered and were for a number of months collecting mail for our whole complex. Our mailboxes are mounted to a wall outside our building and we were unable to obtain permission to build a cage around it. We have built enclosures for mail kiosks for different complexes as well as gating off access to mail rooms. Now Canada Post will supply their own lock and keys which is fine with us and is a great step in the right direction over years past.

Please visit our commercial site for product and installation information ...


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stealing from our Veterans...

I have just been sent info on a Poppy Legion Scam...

To all businesses in the Surrey area, specifically Port Kells and Cloverdale.

An unknown female is coming into businesses that are selling poppies  and saying she is with the Legion and that she is collecting the money for poppy sales. The female is Caucasian and aproximately 22 years old. She is identifying herself as Jessica. There is no further description or any known vehicle.

The Crime Prevention Program Co-ordinator is asking that the poppy donations are protected by insuring that the funds are picked up by a legitimate Legion Member who will have a name tag and an ID card and will probably be in uniform.

If you spot the female stealing funds you are asked to call 9-1-1. If you have further info on this woman and she is not currently on your property, please call the non-emergency number at 604 599-0502.

I know this outrages us all.  Jessica, wherever you are, grow a heart and a conscience! 


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Previously Burglarized?

    Houses that have been broken into have a much higher risk of being burglarized again than those that have never had an incident. This is partly due to some of the factors that made them vulnerable in the first place are diffiicult to change, such as an isolated location or proximity to a park or other high risk factor.
    Previously burglarized homes are up to four times more likely to be targeted again compared with non-burglarized homes. And a subsequent break & enter is most likely to occur within six weeks of the initial crime.

    There are a number of reasons for this...

Ease of access to the house, thieves are on the look out for quick and easy opportunities.
Target hardening did not take place after the initial B & E, no steps were taken to prevent access.
The burglar returns for property left behind.
The burglar tells other burglars about this great prospect.
The burglar returns later assured that the items he stole have been replaced by the owner, usually through an insurance claim or simply the owner cannot do without the big screen TV or their computer.

    Another caution...

Homes near a burglarized house are at an increased risk too. If the previous target has been hardened, the
thief will pick another house nearby that they feel will contain similar property, assuming everyone wants
to 'keep up with the Jones'.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Before Signing a Lease...

   When signing a lease on a new property, storefront, or warehouse space don't get caught short like our poor client did this week. Our client had just recently negotiated a lease on a secondary location in New Westminster and called us in again to provide the security products he needs to be able to stay open.

   John arrived to determine what was needed, but the owner/landlord was completely resistant to his new tenant's concerns about theft.  "No bars or gates on my building" was his decree. John and client tried reasoning with the landlord, telling him about the number of Break-ins and attempts at the other location before security measures were taken, but the landlord would not bend.

   Our client is beside himself, knowing he is unable to take the necessary steps most businesses need to take to prevent rampant theft. He stated he would not have taken this lease space had he known the landlord would  be so unreasonable about this issue. We wish him the best of luck and will try to negotiate the installation of Lexan on his windows and door with the landlord.

The motto of this story...  Make sure the landlord will allow you to install any necessary security products like gates or bars or bollards etc before you sign a lease and better yet - get it in writing!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bollard Time

It seems to be bollard time again...

We've had a run on vehicle anti-ramming posts this week ( or bollards as we also call them).

The need for them always seems to peak in the late fall leading upto Christmas.
Stolen trucks are used to drive through entryways into storefronts.

This kind of theft is hugely damaging and severely costly as large windows, doors, framework has to be replaced  and store downtime can be crippling to a small business especially if they're waiting for an insurance claim payout or replacement of specialized doors/windows etc. or worse have sustained structural damage and need city engineering approvals before being able to open again.

Langley generally seems more targeted for Drive Thru's for some reason and in the past we've seen five or six stores hit (literally) in one weekend.

As we reported last week, a big box store in South Surrey was targeted and thieves inside their stolen truck from Ocean Park Ford drove up seven stairs and through the front doors causing a huge amount of damage. We've never seen that stunt before but thats no surprise, thieves try to do their best to get in and we do are best to keep them out. Bollards are now in place so it won't happen again.

One of the worst episodes we heard about was a young punk who stole a truck and drove thru a clothing store, smashed everything, destroyed the truck as well and then walked out with one leather jacket for himself. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage and he didn't care one little bit, he had a new coat.

The single most effective way to stop drive-thru's are with anti-ramming bollards set into concrete outside vulnerable entryways. Concrete planters filled with rock, dirt, and plant materials work well but must also be anchored into the concrete, careful consideration to sidewalk access (particularly physically challenged people's access) must be considered.

RobberStoppers installs both of the above as well wrought iron decorative and removeable posts.

We also sell and install Polyethylene Covers in a variety of colors for bollards that are looking a little worse for wear.

For high risk stores or businesses Bollards placed in the correct spot will work to protect against destructive drive-thru's, in fact once installed RobberStoppers has never had to replace a single one due to another attempt.

If you require any further information simply give us a call at 604 501-1288 or visit our website at http://www.robberstoppers.com/


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Point of Sale Terminals

This is an email we sent to the Province Newspaper concerning a story about thefts of Point of Sale Terminals...

From: RobberStoppers [mailto:info@robberstoppers.com]

Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 6:08 PM

To: Baziuk, Laura (The Province)

Subject: Point of sale terminal theft


Thanks for an interesting article on POS terminal thefts, one that we are pleased to see being addressed in this issue of The Province.
This is a problem that is only going to get worse unless Restaurants and Retailers take more responsibility for safeguarding their customer's credit and financial information.

Within the last year, our company RobberStoppers, was contacted by a well known Pizza Chain about a number of thefts concerning their POS terminals from various locations around the lower mainland. We, at RobberStoppers, were unaware of these kinds of thefts and surprised at how common it was becoming.
We had never heard about it on the news at all.

So we designed and manufactured an attractive,super strong steel case/cage that accommodated and locked in their terminals which was then anchored to the counter. The pricing was quite reasonable at $229.00 plus $50.00 for installation but only a few of these individually owned restaurants purchased them from us. We are pleased to report  that there was no other theft or security problems ever reported by these restaurants once their POS terminal were secured by our cages.

I followed up with others in this same pizza chain and also sent information to other restaurants and pubs, who use a POS terminal, about the benefits of locking down their POS terminals with this steel cage but got almost no response.

To say that I was surprised at this would be an understatement. This seems like such a minimal and inexpensive step to take to protect valued client information that not doing so borders on irresponsibility.
 A CBC March 12 2010 article about the same subject in Abbotsford generated a huge and angry response from readers, many reporting that if their identity was stolen they would sue the retailer/restaurant.

And as for the owners at Taps Restaurant, they need to realize that locking the terminal in a room is hardly going to prevent another theft. The thieves know they have replaced the stolen terminal and will jimmy their way thru a locked door to get the replacement as easily as a knife through butter.

They, like every other restaurant and pub will have to beef up their security and lock down their terminals, wipe and delete all customer info from the terminals every night.

 Maybe then we can all feel safe about protecting our credit and identity information when we go out for dinner. Or maybe we should just pay with cash!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Abbotsford Crime Spike

'Baffling' spike in Abbotsford break and enters

By Rafe Arnott, The Times September 2, 2010 Comments (4)

ABBOTSFORD -- Police in Abbotsford are at a loss to explain a massive jump in break and enter numbers during the last week of August.

Officers attended 33 property-related crimes scenes between Aug. 23 and Aug. 29, almost double the city's average of 17, Const. Ian MacDonald said.

When the overnight reports were tallied, officers were dumbfounded.

"We couldn't believe what the numbers were for that week."
There was nothing in any statistics or intelligence that police had to alert them to the spike, MacDonald said, no warning signs or upward trends.

"The three weeks prior to that spike we were in decent shape."
The crimes took place across the city, and there is no pattern or shared MO in the incidents, MacDonald pointed out. Nothing links the criminal activity to a particular individual or group.

Incidents like these go against normal property crimes spikes, said MacDonald, who added that historically a sudden increase is usually attributed to an individual or a group on a spree.

"It's all over the map. When we look at the MOs involved in these break and enters there isn't a consistency to them.

"We're not satisfied that we have a [James Ryan] Chaffey or another prolific offender that happens to be extremely active right now," MacDonald said.

"Different MOs, different times of day . . . so at this point we definitely need the public's assistance."

A request that is somewhat ironic, since MacDonald admitted there was one common factor in most of the incidents: neighbours witnessed the crimes.
"Almost in every instance we're coming across [witnesses] who did make observations, either of the actual break and enter or some indicators there was going to be one and they didn't report it to us," he said.

MacDonald said this isn't about police blaming members of the community, it's about police asking members of the community to work with them.
"We're 210 officers and we want to be responsive and do what we can . . . but we need [the public] to make that call."

If the city sees a doubling in break and enters, MacDonald said, in theory, police should see an increase in calls reporting suspicious activity. But that hasn't happened.

"We're trying to remove that hesitation."

Anyone who sees suspicious activity is asked to call the APD's non-emergency line at 604-859-5225.

© Copyright (c) Abbotsford Times
Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Baffling+spike+Abbotsford+break+enters/3479071/story.html#Comments#ixzz12qKTTd6O

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Safety for Children in the Home

RobberStoppers has recently received requests for safety screens for windows on the second story or higher that would stop small children and toddlers falling out.

It was a request that we were more than happy to supply a solution to. We custom made the screens with round hole perforated metal for airflow, hinged on one side, powdercoated, with lock and keys for fire escape. Easy to install and attractive, and most importantly it will keep the children safe and give their parents peace of mind.

It made me wonder how many children are victims of this needless tragedy.

After John visited one high rise tower in Surrey near the skytrain station, he was shocked to see bottom opening windows at floor level that opened 11 inches outwards to the sky. Any small child or pet in the condo would be at huge risk for falling. This is unacceptable. How the builder and city planners could miss such an obvious design flaw and let this type of window be installed in a highrise tower raises grave concerns.

Sometimes in our business, security means not only keeping the bad guys out, but keeping the little ones safely in.

Karen & John

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Security Doors

A steel security door will let you keep a barrrier between you and an intruder.
RobberStoppers offers a variety of  custom designed security doors to suit the exterior of any home...

Antiqued wrought iron double doors

Contemporary designs

All security doors are custom made and designed to enhance the appearance of your home.

Prices start at just $729.00

604 501-1288

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Police Alert Your Neighbourhood...

This is a great site. RobberStoppers urges everyone to sign up and be alerted!

Contact VPD Sgt. Mark Tonner at    mark.tonner@vpd.ca for more info

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Homelessness - Ways to Survive

The Homeless .... are a big issue in this city. We know many people come here from different parts of Canada because of our mild and also liberal climate. There is a polarity of opinion on this issue here and rightly so.

But....  For an insightful, inspiring, and heart touching take on a terrifying experience I hope you will read Brianna's blog, somehow in spite of it all she is a true humanitarian!


Against all odds she has written a book, received a book deal, and there is talk of a movie.

Do start at the beginning and read thru as you will.  Be amazed!  If it touches you too, pass it on.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Local Agencies May Need Better Insurance Against Theft...

Surrey Insurance Agencies are the latest group suffering through a rash of break ins. In the last ten days six agencies that we know about have experienced thefts of money and some of them had ICBC Decals stolen as well. We have provided security products
to four of them.

I have tried contacting ICBC to see if they have reports from other areas to ascertain if decal theft is a large problem but have not received any info as of yet. I will keep trying.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Areas In A City Where Crime Flourishes...

The following is a list of hotspots in any city that attract criminals :

Liquor Establishments
High Schools
Convenience Stores
Mass Transit Stations
Social Housing
Drug Houses
Methadone Dispensaries
Youth Homes
Second Hand Stores

These places, the majority of them benign in themselves, unfortunately draw criminals and their activities. If you live nearby then you are at a higher risk for being a target than if you don't.

 So good luck in finding a place to live that doesn't have at least one of these establishments in the neighbourhood...

But you can always take precautions !

 Karen & John

Friday, March 5, 2010

Seniors Targeted

RobberStoppers has noticed a higher incidence of Seniors calling and reporting break & enters lately. We've secured three senior's residences in the last week, two houses and a mobile home. For two of our clients, the incident happened when they were sleeping at night. This was very frightening for them and we sincerely hope they can sleep better at night now they have protection.

BCTV Newshour was also reporting incidences of seniors being targeted, especially at night.

Our older folks hold a soft spot in our hearts and nothing makes us madder than when they are victimized, it is just so cowardly. We offer discount pricing to our senior customers, we encourage a relative or friend to be present at a security assessment to ensure they get another opinion and never feel pressured.

 Some recommendations for Senior Citizens :

Keep your phone handy and in the same room with you

Keep in touch with your neighbours and look out for each other

Phone a friend or relative everyday for a chat and and to let someone know you are OK

Keep lots of lights on in the house in the evening, and do use timers in rooms that are not used often, it's good to let others think there is lots of activity in your home

Keep all doors locked at all times, doublecheck your doors and windows at dinnertime, and don't let anyone you don't know into your house ever.  Remember that, sadly, times have changed.

         (A neighbour of our  parent's, a 75 year old man, opened his door to three young guys asking to use his phone, telling him they didn't have a cellphone. He closed the door quickly  and was thankfully not assaulted. . He was extremely lucky and promised us he would not open the door to strangers again. It is highly unlikely that three young men would not have a cellphone between them ).

A Security Door on your front door keeps a barrier between you and a stranger if you have to answer.

Try and vary your routine a little, don't always leave for shopping at the same time each day, just in case someone is watching.

Never hesitate to phone 911 if you feel uneasy about a situation.

 To everyone else - please be a good neighbour to the elderly on your street or building - keep a caring eye out for them.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Go Canada

With the Vancouver Olympic Games a week away, its time to bring out the pride we feel in our city, our country, and our athletes. In this spirit, we are waving our flags on our building (the center flag is an Olympic flag) and encouraging everyone to be a part of an event that will not likely occur again in our lifetime. We hope many people will go to Vancouver, go to the mountains, go to Surrey or Richmond, take the kids and feel proud of what so many of us in the most beautiful city and province in the world have accomplished. Welcome to the athletes and visitors, we hope you enjoy your time here and stay safe.

Go Canada, Go Canadian Athletes, Go Vancouver!
We at RobberStoppers wish you all the best!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Global BCTV News/ More stupid criminals

Many times our customers are able to catch their robberies on video and sometimes we are lucky and they pass them along to us.

We had one given to us last week by a client who is opening a small beauty salon and clothing store in Whalley and quite frankly it was too good, we just had to pass it along for others to appreciate.

So we phoned Global BCTV News and asked them if they were interested in it possibly even for Squire's Satelite Debris. But they decided to do a news feature and so John as well as our unfortunate client Janice were interviewed by Reporter John Daly who put together a news feature which airs tonight.

Here they are again for your viewing enjoyment...

I guess teamwork just wasn't in their vocabulary...

This fellow ended up in the hospital with broken legs we've been told, but police haven't been able to convict him of anything   (yet - we hope)  (he told police he was just walking by).