Monday, December 28, 2009

No Presents Under The Tree

      Last week we had a phone call from a very upset man who said his home had been broken into and though a few small items seemed to be missing, he was most upset that thieves had stolen all the Christmas presents under the tree. We really felt bad for this man, it was a horrible thing to have happen but unfortunately this happens to someone every Christmas. We rushed to make window bars and a security door for where the thieves had broken in, just in case they decided to come back.

 Anyway, we are happy to report that we received a phone call today from the same gentleman

There were presents under the tree on Christmas day afterall... it seems the family cat had been clawing at the wrapping paper on some of the presents last week so Mom had hidden them in a closet out of the way. The thieves thankfully missed them.  Hooray! Thank goodness for the naughty kitty!

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