Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A typical day...

Some of the things we've been called to look at, fix, or secure on a typical day like today...

Assess for placement of anti-ramming bollards at a Big Box Store where the thieves stole a truck and drove UP  a large flight of concrete stairs to smash throught the front entrance. Damage to the truck was big, damage to the store front was very much worse, with the main entrance closed off.  After many, many drive-thru's this was a first for us.

Change locks on damaged gates because of a B&E attempt at a Newton Pub.

Assess a third floor apartment where thieves had used a ladder to climb a large tree and then onto a ladies balcony while she was at home, poor woman was very upset. She has been advised to get a retractable gate for her patio and not to put razor wire around the tree (one of her wishes).

Window bars and retractable gates for another apartment in Kerrisdale where thieves broke in and stole a large flat screen TV and computer. (Though the new TV's are large they are also light weight and easy to carry away)

A retractable gate for a new restaurant in Dunbar area

Window bars and a retractable patio gate for an apartment in the West End after a B&E.

Phone conversation with a Pharmacy in Hope after a B&E last week , what they need and when we can get there.

A Pharmacy on Scott Road Surrey had a Drive Thru , a gate and anti-ramming bollards to be installed ASAP
A Doctor's office a few doors down was hit and were assessed by us.
Another Pharmacy on Scott Road same night. Again gates and anti-ramming bollards to be installed.

TREND WATCH - We have secured a higher than average number of Pharmacies in the last few weeks, are they getting targeted due to having the H1N1 vaccinations we wonder? BCTV News is reporting H1N1 being sold on the internet. Let's hope no-one buys Black Market H1N1 .


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