Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Year...

Is about to begin! Actually a new decade as well!

Looking back over the last 10 years,  here are the top changes that we've seen concerning break ins...

Thieves will break glass - they rarely used to or did it as a very last resort to get in. Now they don't seem to care as much about the noise factor of glass plate breakage, they are in and out so very fast.

They will come back - They used to just move on to another victim, but we've noticed a trend in the last few years that once they have successfully accessed a property they will come back. If the owner hasn't taken steps to upgrade their security then it's easy for them to get in again and hey -  now they know the layout. Wait a few weeks for the insurance claim to go through and then check to see if the stolen items were replaced, another flatscreen or computer just waiting for them. Quicker and easier than scoping out a new victim.

Thieves will use vehicles to break in - We hardly ever and I mean almost never, used to see this until about five years ago. And now it is quite common. Stealing a truck or car and smashing through storefronts is unfortunately effective, the adrenaline rush or drugs lets them walk away unhurt most of the time.

Thieves are not worried about alarms anymore - a sign on a window showing a monitored alarm will not stop them from trying to get in. This is a big change from the beginning of the decade. Now they know - no one will be there quickly. The police just cannot respond to them all - unless it is a 911.
'Monitored alarms' are a big contentious topic that we will write more about later.

Thieves really will steal anything - wedding dresses, pets, hair products, meat, liquor, anything from anywhere. Nothing surprises us anymore.
But what's as big a shame is the amount of people who buy the stolen mercandise. Who would buy meat from someone in a parking lot, wouldn't you worry that the meat was spoiled and then re-frozen? What bride would start a new life in a stolen gown? If it's a really really good deal, it really really is not!  More about this later.

But we've learned alot over the last decade too, and we have solutions to all of these problems!
And one of our New Years Resolutions is to get even better at staying ahead of these guys!

Karen and John

Monday, December 28, 2009

No Presents Under The Tree

      Last week we had a phone call from a very upset man who said his home had been broken into and though a few small items seemed to be missing, he was most upset that thieves had stolen all the Christmas presents under the tree. We really felt bad for this man, it was a horrible thing to have happen but unfortunately this happens to someone every Christmas. We rushed to make window bars and a security door for where the thieves had broken in, just in case they decided to come back.

 Anyway, we are happy to report that we received a phone call today from the same gentleman

There were presents under the tree on Christmas day afterall... it seems the family cat had been clawing at the wrapping paper on some of the presents last week so Mom had hidden them in a closet out of the way. The thieves thankfully missed them.  Hooray! Thank goodness for the naughty kitty!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

We would like to wish everyone a very safe and Merry Christmas and happy Hanakkah. We hope the peace and love and hope that this holiday season represents touches all our hearts.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A typical day...

Some of the things we've been called to look at, fix, or secure on a typical day like today...

Assess for placement of anti-ramming bollards at a Big Box Store where the thieves stole a truck and drove UP  a large flight of concrete stairs to smash throught the front entrance. Damage to the truck was big, damage to the store front was very much worse, with the main entrance closed off.  After many, many drive-thru's this was a first for us.

Change locks on damaged gates because of a B&E attempt at a Newton Pub.

Assess a third floor apartment where thieves had used a ladder to climb a large tree and then onto a ladies balcony while she was at home, poor woman was very upset. She has been advised to get a retractable gate for her patio and not to put razor wire around the tree (one of her wishes).

Window bars and retractable gates for another apartment in Kerrisdale where thieves broke in and stole a large flat screen TV and computer. (Though the new TV's are large they are also light weight and easy to carry away)

A retractable gate for a new restaurant in Dunbar area

Window bars and a retractable patio gate for an apartment in the West End after a B&E.

Phone conversation with a Pharmacy in Hope after a B&E last week , what they need and when we can get there.

A Pharmacy on Scott Road Surrey had a Drive Thru , a gate and anti-ramming bollards to be installed ASAP
A Doctor's office a few doors down was hit and were assessed by us.
Another Pharmacy on Scott Road same night. Again gates and anti-ramming bollards to be installed.

TREND WATCH - We have secured a higher than average number of Pharmacies in the last few weeks, are they getting targeted due to having the H1N1 vaccinations we wonder? BCTV News is reporting H1N1 being sold on the internet. Let's hope no-one buys Black Market H1N1 .


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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Crime Site is Born...

After more than a dozen years in the security industry we realized that we are in a unique position in Vancouver. We see and hear what is going on crimewise in this beautiful city. We see the trends, we know who is being targeted, and how the bad guys got in. As John says 'I've probably been to more Break and Enters than the police'.

And so the idea for this website was born. To share what we' ve seen and learned about property crime so that you our readers can become more informed and take better precautions to protect your home, family, and business.

Why do we care? Because John and I were born in Vancouver, he grew up on Lulu Island (now known as Richmond) and I in South Vancouver. We've  lived in the West End, in Coquitlam, Delta and South Surrey. We remember how safe and peaceful it all used to be and we hate how that has changed. That the lower mainland has the highest property crime rate in Canada and is now second only to Miami in all of North America. And yes readers we now need to take steps to protect our homes and families and safeguard our possessions. I can wish that there wasn't a need for window bars and extra security but that isn't going to make it go away. Both John and I are proud of our company and how we have helped people after an upsetting even tramautic experience and how we've protected others from having to go through that. If sharing our experience helps even one person then we're happy.

What can you expect to see on this site? Sad stories, funny stories, trends, tips, opinions, information, interviews, photos, and videos. We hope you will check back often!

Please check our company website for information on our security products or give us a phone call 604 501-1288.

Thank you,